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Home Insurance

Home Insurance

Homeowner insurance is one of the most essential products we provide. Homeowner insurance protects families financially from damages accrued to a home. So whether you own or rent  property, contact us to find a right policy for your insurance needs.


Our Services:

•Homeowners Insurance

•Dwelling Fire Insurance Policy

•Condo/Townhouse Insurance Policy




•Mobile Home

•Manufactured Home

What's Homeowners Insurance Policy? 

  • Will my home insurance cover damages caused by an earthquakes?

  • I own antiques and fine art. What kind of coverage would adequately protect them?

  • What's Dwelling Fire Insurance Policy?

  • If I have a loss, do I need to show proof of what was in my home?

  • What's Condo / Townhouse Insurance Policy?

  • What's Renters Insurance Policy?

What's Homeowners Insurance Policy?
Your home is not only your nest where your family lives and grows, but often it's one of your household's largest investment or asset. Homeowners insurance protects your family financially, pays for repairs and replace damaged property. This type of policy is for residential properties that are owner occupied. Typically this type of policy can insure a structure with up to 4 families/units. This is a comprehensive policy that will protect both your property and your personal/family liability.

Will my home insurance cover damages caused by an earthquakes?
Basic homeowners insurance policies don't cover damages resulting from earthquakes. If you are concerned about your house being damaged by an earthquake, call MetLife Auto & Home for more information.

I own antiques and fine art. What kind of coverage would adequately protect them?
Certain valuable items, such as antiques and fine art, may have limited coverage under basic home insurance policies. To insure them properly, you should add a Scheduled Personal Property (SPP) endorsement to your home, condo, or renter's insurance policy.


What's Dwelling Fire Insurance Policy?

Many Americans invest in residential real estate to earn rental income and/or build equity through appreciation of home values. To protect your investment from a disaster or legal issues, insurance policies are purchased. Dwelling Fire insurance policies are typically issued for residential homes (up to 4 units) that are rented to others or not owner occupied. This policy is issued in the owner's name and will safeguard the structures on the property. The policy can optionally cover personal properties like furniture or appliances that belong to the landlord. Premise liability may also be included or added to the policy up to $500,000.

If I have a loss, do I need to show proof of what was in my home?

You will be asked to provide a list of all items that were destroyed or damaged. MetLife Auto & Home recommends that you take the time now to make a room-by-room list of everything you own, including when you bought the items and how much they cost. If you prefer, you can go videotape the contents in your home. We also suggest keeping receipts or credit card statements for higher value items, such as furniture, appliances, rugs, and expensive clothing.


What's Condo / Townhouse Insurance Policy?
People who own and live in a condo or town home will generally have a condo or homeowner association. The community association will typically obtain a master insurance policy that protects the building structures and cover common area liability. The insurance premium will be divided among all homeowners within the community and paid through their monthly association fees. Often, the insurance purchased by the association will only have coverage for the exterior of the home or have very limited interior coverage. A Condo / Townhome policy will fill in the gap to cover what the master policy doesn't. Interior structures and fixtures like wall to wall carpet, drywalls, kitchen cabinets and bathroom fixtures can be covered with this type of policy. The owners' personal belongings like clothing, furniture, and electronics are not covered by the master policy.

What's Renters Insurance Policy?
Although the home you live in is not yours, that doesn't mean you don't need any insurance protection. People who rent can protect their personal belongings like cameras, TV's and even jewelry by purchasing a renters policy. This policy will protect your belongings from theft, fire, wind, hail, airplanes, vehicles, etc. Renters insurance also provides the same liability protection as a homeowners insurance, but this policy is typically a fraction of the cost of a homeowners.

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